Peace and Love, I am Madim Shay EL, LaGoddess of Sacred Gland.

I am the Spiritual Sage of this space. I commune with Source channeling healings and protections.

This entire site is infused with the energy of love, the highest frequency one can hold.

I created this site because I needed a space that I could come to time and time again to get the

inspiration, guidance, and encouragement to keep moving forward.

My hopes is that it may be that for you as well.

We often get in those moods where we are questioning everything, wondering and worrying,

our faith is low and we need a sign a push or something to keep going.

I dedicated my works to being the listening ear, extending my healing hands making sure everyone

I touch is activated in light through unconditional love.

Now, I know that everything ain't always love and light and sometimes things need to be broken down and built back up. 

Everything happens in its own season. There is a time to bring forth life and a time where things die

. These are the cycles of our life and the journey we take on this plane.

The times are different now than they were just three years ago and things are changing daily.

I want you to know that this is a Sacred Space regardless of what season you are in.

The cycles continue to flow and if you have been used to going again the current

it's time to let go and flow like the rivers. Move with the rhythm of

Love dance in your shadows and reawaken your Divine Nature. 

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| Kemetic & Moorish Science |

| Reflexology |

| Reiki Master |

| Feng Shui | 

| Mindful Meditation |

| Kundalini Yoga |

| Birth & Postpartum Doula|

Sacred Vision

As a result of this Sacred Union, members move forward with clarity, make integrity based decisions, and become part of a supportive sisterhood. Individuals who work closely with La Goddess experience an enhanced perception of self. Here we form intimate relationships with self and maintain our health.

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