Thank you for wanting to know a little more about me.


It was long ago when I looked up to the sky in prayer that God would make sense of this world for me. I didn't know who I was or why I was. I mean it obvious I still thought that God was an entity outside of myself. 

All I knew was that I was different and somehow special but I didn't know exactly why.

I asked God constantly for two things over and over. One, was to have a direct connection to the source no matter what. That inner voice reminded me that we were never separated and that God's resting place is in me. The second, was for spiritual gifts that I didn't tell about two years ago when I became a Mother that I was in alignment with the spiritual gifts I had asked for.

What are spiritual gifts. Things like healing of the hands that my aunt showed me at a very young age.  The act of discernment which is having keen insight. This gifting became my lifestyle. It's in the way that I speak and walk. in the way that i carry myself and in the way i treat others. its skill. That what Spiritual gifts are its skill. You have wisdom and Faith in your corner. Spiritual gifting gives you the ability to serve and lead. I have come to administer knowledge through mercy and hospitality.

I have embodied the divine feminine and masculine qualities of Heaven on earth within me and through that force and power I extend love to all. Initiated into the Great Mothers Womb of No thing I declare my sovereignty and proclaim my abundance in all areas of my life. Thank you for vibrating at this frequency with me. I give honors to all that was, is,  and ever more to be Amen Ra

Indigenous Gathering

Members of Fundamental Indigenous Youth Association aka FIYA operate under a private member association. This association protects, and provides exclusive access to products, services and to its members. 

Our members gather to discuss privately to plan uplifting all of humanity.

We strive to grow generational wealth so that its roots are firm and well nourished. This will ensure the security of the futures of our youth. Sacred Gland gives FIYA the space to host the member gathering virtually. 

This is not only a movement but a lifestyle, filled with magic, faith, wellness, legacy, and education of self. 

May we continue to navigate this earthly plane in heavenly realms. 

Peace be unto you.

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