Sacred Gland brings restoration or renewal to the energy of a person, place, pet, or thing.

Mindful Meditation & Mindful Movement, routine, reiki, and reflexology, are some the remedies we use to adjust, regulate, and restore vitality with in our selves.

We use our intentions, awareness, and prayer, to set and reset the energy of  a pet, place or thing.

Thank you for trusting us with your energy. Explore the hidden treasures within the site, which has been created as a Faery Palace of Restoration for you and the family to explore time and time again.

Warm Greetings

From Owner

Greetings I Am the Owner of Sacred Gland, Master Priestess Shay El. I am an Oracle who host a number of  natural abilities like, Trans-mediumship. discernment, "laying of the hands", and power of WORD and ELEMENT. I am a Reiki Master and certified in Natural Medicine, Reflexology. Herbalism, as well as, Yoga & Meditation Therapy.

Thank you for visiting this space. May you be enlightened and filled with Love & Perfect Peace. 

Sacred Offerings

Energetic Assessment

Serves as a Consultation 

An introductory session.

Restorative Session 

Serves as an energetic adjustment

Energy Renewal***

Meditative Coaching 

Serves as a guide to establish routine and cultivate a unique practice.

 Phone :832-303-2129
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United States of America