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I am Excited that you are here, I Am Shay El, LaGoddess of Sacred Gland. I am the creator of this site, Co - Owner of The High Vibe Market, and Founder of FIYA. "The Association" As a result of becoming a member, we move forward in clarity, make integrity based decisions, and prioritize routine and ritual.. You will have access to group activities, private events, as well as video and audio files. 

Our mission is collaborate with like minded families in wellness and holistic practices. Here we prioritize the youth and building their awareness to think for themselves. We are now in the perfect position to reshape what it looks like to raise and educate our children on who they are and how to maintain wellness of the mind body and spirit as a whole. 

Thank you for visiting SacredGland.com as result of visiting this site you become a Visiting member of Fundamental Indigenous Youth Association. To find out more about the association click below *membership details* Or simply

"Check In" in {the Menu area} to apply! This site was created to host sacred guidance into wellness and the wholeness of the spiritual body. Explore our blog "Sage of the Oracle", visit our Sacred Shop "The High Vibe Market"  and get to know this Sacred Space which is ours to share!


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