Sacred Gland brings renewal to the energy of people, places, pets, and things. Uplifting all of humanity in unity. Mindfulness is our core.  Awareness is our center.

Mindful Meditation is a Mindful Movement that helps to adjust, regulate, and restore vitality within ourselves as well as all the energy around us.​ We use our intentions, our awareness, and our prayer to create the reality of heaven on earth.


Thank you for trusting us with your energy. Explore the hidden treasures within the site, which has been created as a Faery Palace of Restoration for you and the family to explore time and time again.

Greetings I Am LaGoddess of Sacred Gland,

The Faerie Oracle Priestess.

I am peace and love made manifest. I am called to uplift humanity though words of mindfulness. I created a space for us likeminded beings to gather in unity to uplift all of humanity. 


In the past I have accepted suffering as my truth. At the age of 11, I begin to study my self, I became aware of my sovereignty creative power. I noticed over time I had be conditioned to hide this divinity with in me.

I longed to meet with people who were like me, spiritually connected, physically driven, and mindfully aware.

The world has made me hard and I'm striving to remain self compassionate every moment. 

I thank you for your support. May we grow in Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. Join our gathering. Initial Membership is free with tier options to support the energy exchange.

With Love Shay 


Mindful Meditation is Mindful Movement 

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We gather to unify humanity, we gather to show love and appreciation for all there is. We gather to change the frequency of this planet back to love. We gather for peace, harmony, and prosperity. We gather in perseverance, & to honor nature.


As we gather we take action to be the ones who will make a difference. We gather and meditate on the goodness of life. We gather mindfully, with goals in mind, We are a family that gathers in love will you sit with us ? We are a family that gather in truth will you stand with us? We are a family that gathers is wellness will you be with us? 

Join the Gathering FREE ! By simply signing up you contribute to the upliftment of all of humanity. For a more exclusive experience join the movement members in action to uplift the vibration of ourselves and the energy around us. 

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