Peace is your birthright.

Peace is my birthright.

I declared this long ago. Over time, I learned to affirm it through getting to know my self from the eyes of peace. Moving in peace, while speaking peace over myself. I Learned that peace is not obtained but it's who we are.

I'm Shay El, LaGoddess of Sacred Gland.

I am a mother, a sister, a daughter, and  friend. I created Sacred Gland in light of how all things are connected. After I became a mother, I struggled between who I used to be and who I was becoming. I understood that being a good mother meant not only taking care of the child but taking care of myself. Often time I would care for the children first and give my self the left over energy I had. Long story short that was not working. I had to re identify myself. Who was I, really? What did I need, what did I want? I knew I wanted peace, through mindful movement and mindful meditation I created a routine that filled my cup up so that I could pour into my love ones with out feeling depleted. I learned that it starts in the way you breathe. Take a breather and explore the site. There are blogs with messages that speak to your soul. There is a shop with home made tools filled with Love! There is a Village waiting to meet you when you become a member. Simply "Check in" right there in the menu. Where ever Source leads you, may you be filled with what you need to keep moving in clarity!

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